BOOK REVIEW OF THE INVESTED LIFE: “2 simple questions, 1 great read”

A friend just sent me a link to a wonderful review of the new book I wrote with Dr. Koshy. The review was written by Richard Burkey, a senior pastor in California. on his blog. I was so encouraged by it I’m reblogging it here in full:

2 simple questions, 1 great read, that’s what Joel Rosenberg and Dr. T. E. Koshy’s book, The Invested Life offers. The 2 questions are:

1. Who is investing in me?

2. Whom am I investing in?

The goal is to make disciples of all nations for Jesus Christ one person at a time. From challenging Christ followers to have a big biblical vision and laying out the first baby steps to pursue. The Invested Life lays out a process to not only answer those 2 simple questions, but to live out that answer in a transformational way.

Yet the book is not only a step by step process to live out disciple making, it is also the story of how the disciple making process has worked and continues to work in the lives of the authors and those they have discipled. I loved the combination of here’s how you do it, and here’s what it has looked like in our lives and the lives of others.

I appreciated their affirmation that their approach is not the only approach. That sense of humility as well as honesty makes this book a great tool to build a discipleship relationship. They do not provide formulas to follow, but models to emulate. It’s how they learned discipleship, and how they teach their readers to fulfill the Great Commission.

Even more than the steps that are given and process to follow, there is a reliance on God and coming to Him in prayer. He leads the process.  As they say, “We don’t choose whom to disciple. God chooses for us.”

My one criticism of the book is their answer to the 1st question, “Who is investing in me?” Their answers and suggested answers always focused on finding one older than yourself. That is probably the typical relationship, one farther along in the journey of faith. Yet as I grow older, I find myself also learning from those younger than myself, for they open my eyes to new ways to learn from God.

I give The Invested Life 5 out of 5 stars. The topic, the models to follow and the stories that are shared make this a great read for those who want to invest in others and see that we all grow to not only follow the Great Commission, but watched it fulfilled. My thanks to Tyndale Publishing for a free copy to review. My only requirement in receiving a copy of the book was to provide an honest review. Thank you Tyndale for providing a great book to read.

You can read the opening chapter by clicking here. Learn more about Joel C. Rosenberg here or Dr. T. E. Koshy here.

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