MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY: How my parents & I came to faith in Jesus Christ.

Right now, we are engaged in a time of prayer for America and Israel. I hope you’ll join me and Christians all over the country who are beseeching the Lord to show His mercy on our country and unleash the greatest revival in history. I don’t see how we keep from imploding if we don’t experience a Third Great Awakening.

Today, in this context, I wanted to share with you my own personal testimony. In this hour-long audio message (divided up in 10 minute segments on YouTube), I explain the spiritual journey my parents and I were on to come to faith in Jesus Christ, as well as I how I experienced a powerful revival in my junior year of high school that completely transformed my life. I hope it will encourage you in your own faith, and that it will be something you can share with family and friends to help and encourage them, as well. Thanks and God bless you.

  • My spiritual journey — part 1 — how becoming the author of The Last Jihad triggered people asking me a critical question
  • Part 2 — how my Jewish grandparents escaped from Russia, my father’s Jewish upbringing, my mother’s Gentile heritage, and how they met
  • Part 3 — my mother’s spiritual journey
  • Part 4 — my father’s spiritual journey, and then how I came to faith
  • Part 5 — how I learned I was Jewish, and then my crisis of faith in high school
  • Part 6 — the conclusion of my story, and so what? Why should this matter to you?
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