Has Obama given Netanyahu “green light” to hit Iran? Video of Rosenberg interview on Fox News.

AAA-JoelonHemmerFox-2>> Secret Iranian nuclear site previously unknown to Western intelligence revealed by former CIA agent. Has Iran crossed the “red line”? Implications?

On Thursday morning, I was on the Fox News Channel and was interviewed by Bill Hemmer. We discussed President Obama’s trip to the epicenter, and the latest developments with Iran’s nuclear program — including the new report of a previously undisclosed Iranian nuclear facility.

We also discussed the complexities of the relationship between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu and whether the President has — or still may — give Israel the “green light” to hit Iran.

Hemmer cited the oped I wrote the other day for the Fox News website: “Three critical questions Obama needs to answer during his Israel trip.” 

We also touched on Damascus Countdown, which includes the fictional element of a secret Iranian nuclear facility being discovered by a CIA operative.

Here is the link to the online video of the interview — it lasts 4:34 minutes.

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