UPDATED: Iranian leaders vow Israel will be destroyed if Syria is attacked. What will Iran conclude if Assad used WMD & West does nothing?

Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei (left) and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (right).

Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei (left) and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (right).


  • “We need to pray for the President. Does he have solid evidence of chemical weapons attacks & Assad regime complicity? If not, then patience.”
  • “U.S. should not strike w/out solid, compelling evidence that Assad regime used chemical weapons. But with such evidence, we must act.”
  • “If US needs to strike #Syria, the goal should not be regime change. The goal is to punish the Assad regime severely for murdering w/WMD.”
  • “Khaddafi used terror in ’86. Reagan didn’t seek regime change. He bombed Libya. Sent powerful message. Details. http://millercenter.org/newsroom/news/reagan-libya.”
  • It is in the US national interest to prevent rogues from using weapons of mass destruction & punish any rogues who uses them.”
  • “If US doesn’t punish the use of WMD to kill innocent civilians, we are opening Pandora’s box. We’re signaling weakness, inviting terror.”
  • “Iran’s leaders are watching. If Assad used WMD & US does nothing, Iran will conclude it’s open season. The gates of Hell will be unleashed.”
  • “To misunderstand the nature and threat of evil is to risk being blindsided by it.”
  • “Evil, unchecked, is a prelude to genocide.”



(Washington, D.C.) — “Starting this fire will be like a spark in a large store of gunpowder, with unclear and unspecified outcomes and consequences,” Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned the U.S. on Wednesday. “The US threats and possible intervention in Syria are a disaster for the region. And if such an act is done, certainly, the Americans will sustain damage like when they interfered in Iraq and Afghanistan.”On Thursday, the Iranian Supreme Leader’s warning were echoed by the commander of the Revolutionary Guards.

“An American attack on Syria will result in the destruction of Israel and have severe repercussions for the US and its allies, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards said,” reported the Times of Israel. “A possible war in Syria ‘will result in the imminent destruction of the Zionist regime of Israel,’ General Mohammad Ali Jafari said late Wednesday, according to a report Thursday in the state-sponsored Iranian Tasnim News Agency,” the Times noted.

“The American ‘proxy war scenario’ in Syria has failed, so Washington and the West have resorted to a “direct military threat,” which, if carried out, will have ‘severe consequences,’ he added. The remarks from Jafari came at a time of intense international debate over a possible US-led strike on Syria, and followed bellicose statements from other high-ranking Iranian officials. Iran is a major backer of the Syrian government….Military intervention in Syria by the US and its allies will “cost them dearly,” the chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, General Hassan Firouzabadi, said Wednesday evening. ‘If the US attacks, the Zionists will burn,’ he said, according to Israel’s Channel 2 news. He added that Israel would be the “sole beneficiary” of military escalation in Syria, which would have ‘far-reaching, grave consequences….Any new military operation could prove to be a disaster not only for the region but also for humanity …and only the Zionists would benefit from that,’ Firouzabadi said. The Syrian civil war, he added, had been ‘imposed’ on the country from outside forces.”



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