Podcast: I’m interviewed about the moral complexities of a U.S. strike on Syria & how we should pray.






(Washington, D.C.) — We’ve just posted the latest podcast on my website, at www.joelrosenberg.com. It’s a 19 minute interview I did yesterday on a nationally syndicated radio program.

During the program, I discussed the following questions:

  • are the U.S, British and French about to launch military strikes against the Assad regime in Syria?
  • before any strikes occur, is it important to wait for the U.S. report detailing credible evidence of chemical weapons attacks in Syria, and the Assad regime’s responsibility therein?
  • will Syria and/or Iran fire missiles at Israel, and what precautions are the Israelis are taking?
  • who are the good guys and who are the bad guys in the Syrian conflict?
  • what are the moral complexities of getting involved in this fight?
  • if the U.S. does use military force in Syria, does “regime change” have to be the objective, or could something less sweeping be done?
  • how Christians should pray at this moment?

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

You can also find the podcast on iTunes and download it to your phone. Just search for “Joel C. Rosenberg Podcast” and look for the photo/logo that you see here to the left. Please subscribe today and you’ll be instantly notified when the next episode is available.


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