“Son of Hamas” speaks out against the radical Islamic terror group of which he was once a top operative. Calls Hamas a “cancer” that “worships death.” Videos of Fox & CNN interviews. Audio of radio interview.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, interviewed on July 24th on CNN.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, interviewed on July 24th on CNN.


>> See powerful new interview with Mosab and Hannity on Fox News.

Mosab Hassan Yousef is the eldest son of one of the founders of Hamas, Sheik Hassan Yousef, the spiritual leader of the organization on the West Bank.

As a youth, Mosab was arrested by the Israelis for involvement in terrorism.

In prison, he came to realize the true evil of Hamas.

In time, he renounced Islam, chose to become a follower of Jesus, and became a double agent for the Israeli secret services (Shin Bet) working to thwart Hamas terror attacks.

Later, he emigrated to the United States where he wrote a best-selling book, “Son of Hamas,” warning about the dangerous of Hamas and telling his own journey out of Radical Islam.

Now, with Hamas engaged in a brutal, deadly war with Israel, Mosab — a remarkably courageous young man — is again speaking out against the radical Islamic terror group of which he used to be a key operative and rising future leader.

Hamas is a “cancer” in the Middle East,” Mosab told radio host Mark Levin this week. The terror group does not represent the Palestinian people. “All they care about is conquest….They believe everyone is unclean and they are clean…..They are a radical force that are sending Palestinians to death on a daily basis.”

“Hamas does not care about the lives of the Palestinians, does not care about the lives of Israelis, or Americans,” Mosab told CNN this past week. “They don’t care about their own lives. They consider dying for the sake of their ideology a way of worship.”

“Hamas is not seeking coexistence [with Israel],” he noted. “Hamas is seeking conquest and taking over.”

He said the goal of Hamas isn’t not simply to destroy Israel but to build an Islamic caliphate on the rubble of every country in the region.

His book was turned into a documentary film, “The Green Prince,” that recently won an award at the Sundance Film Festival.

It is also being turned into a feature film.

VIDEO: I would highly encourage you to watch the full interview and share it with others. You can watch it by clicking here.


Please pray for Mosab — for his physical protection, for his spiritual life and growth, for the salvation of his father and his entire family, and for God to show him much grace and mercy. I’ve known him for several years, have been honored to spend time with him on several occasions and even have him to my home for dinner with my family, and have interacted with him on the phone and via email over the years. I have a great love and respect for him and believe he is a remarkably brave man. I pray for him because I know he is also under enormous pressure from all sides. His father has disowned him. Hamas wants to kill him. He is reviled by the Radical Islamic world. And he is still a young man trying to find his way, far from the world he grew up in, cut off from most of the people he knew and loved growing up. So I pray that as he grows and matures that he will become rooted and deeply grounded in the Scriptures, a devout and faithful follower of Christ, and a man with a cadre of strong, solid believers around him who love him and care for him and can advise and protect him from attacks of all kinds, political, physical and spiritual. I also pray the Lord will raise him up to be a great leader among the Palestinian people, speaking the truth in love and being a light to Israelis and all those in the Middle East, as well. I hope you’ll join me in these prayers. Thanks so much.




Here is an interview I did with Mosab in 2010:

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