Will President Obama abandon or fully turn against Israel in last two years in office, amidst ISIS & Iran threats? Exclusive poll results.

MEME-ObamaAbandonIsraelWould an American President ever suddenly abandon Israel and even turn U.S. policy sharply against her?

Might an American President become so consumed with completing an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty for his own political legacy that he is blindsided by ISIS terrorist attacks he doesn’t see coming?

Is it possible that a President could be repeatedly warned by people around him that ISIS is a real and growing threat to the American people and to our close allies in the Middle East and Europe, yet rather than focus on crushing ISIS would instead pressure Israel to divide Jerusalem and be pushed back to the pre-1967 borders, indefensible though they are?

These are plot lines from my new political thriller, The Third Target, but one might be forgiven if they feel like recent headlines.

In preparing for the release of the book, we commissioned a national poll by McLaughlin & Associates, a respected American polling firm. Last week, the Washington Examiner published some of the results, including the stunning finding that 74% of Americans fear ISIS will launch a “catastrophic terror attack” inside the U.S. homeland if the West does not take decisive action to defeat them in the Middle East.

This morning, we’re releasing more details from that exclusive survey. Consider the answer to this question:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “For the past six years, President Obama’s relationship with Israel has been strained at best. He and his advisors don’t simply disagree with Israeli policies. They seem to have a visceral dislike for the Israel’s leaders. Recently, a senior White House official used a vulgar term to describe the Prime Minister of Israel to a reporter. I believe we are watching a train wreck in U.S.-Israeli relations, and after the mid-term elections – when the President no longer faces elections — I am worried that President Obama will abandon Israel and turn U.S. policy harshly against her”?

  • 47.4% of Americans said they agree
  • 38.4% said they disagree
  • 14.2% said they don’t know or refused to answer

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