Iran’s president goes on TV to tell his nation Iran got everything it wanted from nuclear deal and much more.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is publicly boasting how Iran got everything it wanted from the deal and much, much more.

Here are excerpts of a televised speech he delivered to the nation on July 14th:

  • “Our objective was to have the nuclear program and have sanctions lifted.
  • “At first they wanted us to have 100 centrifuges; now we will have 6,000.
  • “They wanted restrictions of 25 years; now it’s 8.
  • “First they said we could only have IR1 centrifuges, now we can have IR6, 7 and 8, advanced centrifuges.
  • “[At first they said our] heavy water plant at Arak had to be dismantled; but now it will remain with heavy water under conditions.
  • “[At first they said the nuclear facility at] Fordo had to be closed; now we will have 1,000 centrifuges there….
  • “In future days when UNSC comes with new resolution, all 6 of their previous resolutions will be lifted….
  • “Honorable Iranian nationals, all sanctions, including on missiles, will be lifted on days of implementation. Not suspended, lifted!
  • “Today is the end of oppressive sanctions. The chain of sanctions is broken….
  • “Today people in Lebanon and Palestine are happy because Zionists have tried to block this deal but failed….
  • “Oh great nation of Iran this is the beginning of a new movement, I tell you!”

These remarks were reported via Twitter by Thomas Erdbrink, the New York Times’ correspondent in Tehran.



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