Sunni Arab leaders aghast at Iran deal. Saudis publicly blast it as “worse than the U.S. deal with North Korea” & warn deal will “wreak havoc in the Middle East.”

Saudi Prince Bandar is publicly blasting the deal with Iran as worse than the nuclear deal with North Korea.

Saudi Prince Bandar is publicly blasting the deal with Iran as worse than the nuclear deal with North Korea.

Sunni Arab leaders throughout the Middle East are aghast by the insane nuclear deal President Obama and the P5+1 powers have struck with Iran.

Many Sunni Arab leaders feel deeply threatened by a resurgent and increasingly violent Iranian government.

Now they also feel deeply betrayed — “thrown under the bus,” says one Arab analyst — by an increasingly weak American government that is clearly and rapidly retreating from the Middle East. (See here, here, here, and here.)

Egyptian, Jordanian, and Gulf leaders are privately stunned and angered by the recent moves of the Obama administration, especially with regards to Iran, yet they have also been cautious in their public comments.

The Saudis are a different story.

As I have reported in the past, the Saudis have been quietly working with the Sunni leadership of Pakistan to potentially buy nuclear warheads from the Paks if the world community didn’t find a way to cut off Iran’s pathway to The Bomb.

What’s more, as I have also reported on this blog, the Saudis have been quietly cooperating with Israel in recent years on contingency plans for a potential preemptive military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, should all peaceful options prove fruitless.

Now, in a highly rare development from an ally that almost never publicly criticizes the American government, one of Saudi Arabia’s most senior and respected leaders has chosen to publicly blast the Iran nuclear deal.

Writing a letter to the Washington Post from the Saudi capital of Riyadh, Bandar Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud (widely known as Prince Bandar) — the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. from 1981 to 2005 — warns that the current deal with Iran is far worse than the U.S. deal with North Korea which led to the Pyongyang building and testing nuclear warheads.

What’s more, Bandar warns that “Iran is a major player in the destabilization of the region” and that giving Tehran this clear path to the Bomb and billions in sanctions relief “will wreak havoc in the Middle East, which is already a disastrous environment.”

There is a real opportunity here for the next American president. A leader who knew what he was doing could rescind and repudiate this dangerous deal with Iran upon taking office in January 2017. He could also set about to work closely with this quiet but real emerging alliance between Israel and several Sunni Arab powers to seriously and effectively confront not only the Iran nuclear threat but the growing ISIS threat to the region, as well.

[For more, see my column in February, “Amidst Obama retreat from Mideast, three regional leaders are forming a quiet but fiercely determined alliance against Iran & ISIS. Israeli PM Netanyahu, Jordan’s King Abdullah II & Egyptian President el-Sisi face high stakes. Will they succeed?”]


Here is the text of the Bandar letter in full:

“Pundits are saying that President Obama’s Iran deal stirs deja vu of President Clinton’s 1994 North Korean nuclear deal. I humbly disagree. President Clinton made his decision based on a strategic foreign policy analysis, top-secret intelligence and a desire to save the people of North Korea from starvation induced by its leadership.

“It turned out that the strategic foreign policy analysis was wrong. If Mr. Clinton had known about the major intelligence failure, he would have made a different decision.

“Mr. Obama made his decision on the Iran nuclear deal aware that the strategic foreign policy analysis, the national intelligence information and intelligence from U.S. allies in the region predict a worse outcome than in North Korea — and Iran will have access to billions of dollars.

“This deal will wreak havoc in the Middle East, which is already a disastrous environment. Iran is a major player in the destabilization of the region.

“Why would Mr. Obama go ahead with such a deal with Iran? It is definitely not because Mr. Obama is not smart enough, because he is. He must believe that what he is doing is right. Still, I am convinced that my good friend Henry Kissinger was correct when he said, “America’s enemies should fear America, but America’s friends should fear America more.”

“People in my region now are relying on God’s will and consolidating their local capabilities and analyses with everyone except our oldest and most powerful ally.”