Here’s how The Joshua Fund, with your help, is caring for Syrian refugees, Holocaust survivors, encouraging pastors and bringing light in the darkness of the Mideast: TJF’s 2015 Donor Report.

TJF-donorreport2-2015>> To read The Joshua Fund’s 2015 Donor Report — and other details about how God is using your prayers and financial support to help us enter open doors throughout the Middle East — please click here.

Many Christians are asking, “How should we be responding to the horrific refugee crisis unfolding in Syria and throughout the Middle East?” They’re also asking, “Yes, I want to pray for persecuted Christians in the Mideast, but I want to do more — but what?”

I’m grateful people are asking. The good news is that we don’t have to sit by silently by and do nothing — nor should we. Indeed, I am humbled to report that with your gracious and generous prayers and financial investment, The Joshua Fund has been able to make a real difference.

Please take a moment to listen to the audio of this interview regarding the Syrian refugee crisis that I recently did with the head of a Christian ministry that The Joshua Fund is investing in to care for Arab Muslim families fleeing from ISIS and the Assad government. You’ll get a real insight into what’s happening on the ground, and the hearts of those working on the frontlines to care for those who are suffering, and doing so in the name of Jesus. (please click here)

>> To watch a special video I did to thank The Joshua Fund’s remarkable prayer partners and donors, please click here.

Please also take some time to read — and please share with family and friends on social media — TJF’s 2015 Donor Report in full. It is chock full of details of how your prayers and generous financial investment is making a difference in the lives of Syrian refugees, Jewish Holocaust survivors, pastors and ministry leaders in Israel and the Arab world and more. (please click here)

>> Would you like to make a tax-deductible, year-end donation to the work of The Joshua Fund? We would be so honored and grateful. Please click here to make a secure online donation, or learn where to send a check. Thank you so much, and may God bless you and your family as you bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus!

Now, let me share with you the letter I wrote to our wonderful, gracious donors!

Dear Faithful Friends of The Joshua Fund —

This year of 2015 has been fraught with enormous challenges and hardship for people living in Israel and the Arab world. For many, the future seems hopeless, as war and rumors of war, terrorism, religious persecution, and a horrific refugee crisis have plunged the region into great darkness.

Yet, in the midst of that darkness, we are deeply encouraged. Why? Because we are seeing God move powerfully in the Epicenter. I am thrilled to report that the Light of the Gospel is spreading throughout the region, thanks in part to your faithful prayers and your generous gifts to The Joshua Fund. We want you to know that we are seeing God’s faithfulness to His Church in the Epicenter as well as to those who don’t yet know Him and who desperately need His light.

Indeed, if there is one thing that characterizes 2015 for me, in the midst of the darkness and trauma in the Middle East, it’s the open door we are seeing for the proclamation of the Gospel. We are witnessing with our own eyes, as well as through the eyes of those with whom we partner, an unprecedented openness among Jews and Arabs to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout this report, you will find stories and statements from our ministry partners echoing this truth. As one of our partners recently recounted to us, this could be “the most fruitful [year in ministry] in Israel in almost 2,000 years!” Such words remind me of the words of our Lord Jesus to one of the Churches in Revelation: “Behold I have put before you an open door which no one can shut.” (Rev. 3:8)

To our astonishment, Israelis are suddenly searching for answers to the deepest and most important questions concerning life, death, God, forgiveness and eternity – and in seemingly unprecedented numbers! Some are searching through the Hebrew Scriptures for answers. Some are actually reading the New Testament for the first time. What’s more, hundreds of thousands are searching online for information about the Messiah, including a new video series that has gone viral, which features the testimonies of Israelis who have found salvation in Christ (see related article on page 4 of our 2015 Donor Report).

In the pages that follow, you will find exciting news about God’s work in the Epicenter – and how your prayers and financial support have helped to advance His Kingdom. We thank God for your faithfulness in helping us share His love with the people of the Epicenter.

As we move forward, of course, we know that many challenges await us in 2016. The spiritual and humanitarian needs in neighboring countries are nothing short of staggering. Meanwhile, Israelis live under the threat of wa

Even so, The Joshua Fund is excited about the open door God has provided and the opportunities that lie ahead. Indeed, this is why The Joshua Fund was created:

  • To bless Israel and her Neighbors, because this is what God commands us to do;
  • To help care for the needy and the vulnerable, especially during times of war and terror; and
  • To strengthen and encourage the Church to move through the doors God has opened and to share His love with others.

We are looking forward to watching God work in the Epicenter in the year ahead and to joining local believers in advancing His work. Would you please pray for our board and staff as we seek the Lord’s guidance for 2016? We know that He will provide for every need. We prayerfully seek the Lord to make us truly faithful stewards, investing each dollar with wisdom and discernment to bear good and eternal fruit.

On behalf of The Joshua Fund’s board and staff, thank you for standing with us so faithfully during this challenging time. By His grace and with your loving and sacrificial help, we have helped touch many lives in the Epicenter with God’s love and mercy. What a great joy and privilege!

May the Lord richly bless you and your family as we work together to bless Israel and her Neighbors in the name of Jesus, according to Genesis 12:1-3.

Yours in Christ Jesus in the Epicenter,

Joel C. Rosenberg, Founder and Chairman

>> Would you like to make a tax-deductible, year-end donation to the work of The Joshua Fund? We would be so honored and grateful. Please click here to make a secure online donation, or learn where to send a check. Thank you so much, and may God bless you and your family as you bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus!

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