Is ISIS plotting to kill or capture the President of the United States and trigger the End of Days? (#TheFirstHostage is now available in hardcover, e-book & audio formats. And here are details of the book tour.)

BOOK-FirstHostageWhat if the leaders of the world were blind-sided by a catastrophic attack by an Apocalyptic Islamic terror group they didn’t see coming?

What if the Islamic State (aka, ISIS) launched a massive, carefully-coordinated plot to assassinate or capture the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of Israel, the President of Egypt and the King of Jordan, in the hopes to trigger a war that would bring about the End of Days?

How might such a war unfold? What would happen next? How would the world respond?

I pray to God such a chilling scenario never comes to pass, but this is the premise of my latest novel — THE FIRST HOSTAGE — which picks up six seconds after the end of The Third Target.

The novel was launched this morning in hardcover and audio in North America. You can buy it at any of your favorite general market or Christian bookstores. You can also download it immediately starting today in e-book formats (like Nook and Kindle) in North America and all over the globe.

Where are you reading THE FIRST HOSTAGE? Already, we’re getting messages from readers in Thailand, Canada, Holland, Israel and beyond. Please Tweet me or post a message on our “Epicenter Team Page” on Facebook and let me know. Also, please post a review on Facebook and other social media the moment you finish the book.

For the next two weeks, I’ll be doing interviews, writing articles and blogging about the novel from here in Israel. But in early January, we’ll launch a month-long media and speaking tour throughout the United States. Dates, cities and locations are below. We’ll post more details about each event as needed as we get closer.

Please make plans to join us at one of these events. We’ll usually be doing book signings, and at some locations we’ll be doing Q&A. I would be honored to meet you and your friends, and I’m so grateful for your enthusiastic support for this new thriller.




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