“The state of the Middle East is a catastrophe.” My interview with CBN on the State of the Union, the presidential front-runners & the visit by Jordan’s King to Washington.

CBN-FirstHostage2(Virginia Beach, Virginia) — This morning, on the day President Obama was scheduled to deliver his final State of the Union address tonight before a Joint Session of Congress, I was interviewed on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

We discussed President Obama’s performance in the Middle East, the President’s stunning refusal to meet this week with Jordan’s King Abdullah II who is on an official visit to Washington, and whether the two presidential front-runners are better prepared than Mr. Obama to deal with the rising threats in the Middle East.

“The state of the Middle East right now is a catastrophe,” I explained. “President Obama’s policies in the Middle East have been an utter failure because he has chosen, ideologically, to withdraw all U.S. forces and influence from the region….The region is on fire.”

“Syria is in a total meltdown — we’re watching the implosion of a modern Arab state and an absolute human catastrophe,” and the President has offered no plan to turn things around.

What’s more, in 2015, Mr. Obama signed off on an insane nuclear deal that I noted will give Iran “two pathways to The Bomb” — one if Iran cheats on the deal, and the other if Iran keeps the deal, waits ten years until all the restrictions are removed, and then races to build a whole arsenal of nuclear warheads.

Meanwhile, the President is making Israeli leaders and Sunni Arab leaders feel that he has abandoned them while emboldening their worst enemy, Iran, and doing precious little to defeat the forces of the Islamic State.

“What is the President doing?” I asked. “The President today is refusing to meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah, who is in Washington this week, because he’s too busy. Too busy for our most faithful Sunni Arab ally?”

[Let me add: This stunning decision by Mr. Obama to snub the King of Jordan is as nonsensical as it is offensive. Jordan is in a hot war with the Islamic State. The King, a Muslim — indeed a descendent of Muhammad — is doing a heroic job confronting this barbaric enemy. How in the world could the President not make time to meet with him, listen to his perspective, and talk about how to work even more closely together. The President took time to meet with Matt Lauer of the TODAY Show this morning. I watched that interview. To refuse to meet with an ally in wartime in disgraceful.]

“The Saudis feel like the President of the United States has cut and run [from our allies],” I added during the interview. “The Jordanians feel this way. So do the Egyptians. The Israelis have the worst relationship with this President in the history of the country. So the region feels scared by two existential threats — Iran, ISIS, and their Apocalyptic Islam.”

“This has been a catastrophic year in U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. If the President of the United States comes out tonight and says that the state of the union is strong and the state of our foreign policy, nobody in the region — much less in our country — will believe him.”

“You cannot defeat an enemy you refuse to define. And I’m saying the President still won’t call Radical Islam by its name. But Apocalyptic Islam is much worse. Why? Because Radical Islam wants to attack us, to drive us out of the holy lands and the holy places. But Apocalyptic Islam doesn’t simply want to attack us, it wants to annihilate us and bring about genocide, in order to usher in the coming of their messiah.”

“The novels — The Third Target, and now The First Hostage — take you, through the eyes of a reporter [J.B. Collins], inside this story to understand what might happen, worst case scenarios, if our leaders don’t understand the threats that we face. The President doesn’t understand it. But I’m also concerned that the two front-runners in the presidential campaign, Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump , that neither of them understand Apocalyptic Islam or are prepared to deal with it.”

[To watch the full interview I did with CBN’s Pat Robertson, which runs 10:54 minutes, please click here]

NOTE: We will post the full transcript soon.




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