UPDATED: BRACE FOR IMPACT. Hillary on verge of defeat. Trump-Pence on verge of victory. Media and markets reeling in shock. (Some thoughts on Election Day as we await the results.)



  • It’s 9:30 in the morning in Israel. Lynn and I have been up since 5am watching the election results come in and what a stunning night.
  • It looks like the Trump-Pence team is poised to win (along with a GOP majority in the House and Senate).
  • The Hillary team is bracing for impact — not conceding yet, but visibly shaken by how voters have turned against her en masse.
  • True, the races in many states are still very close — the AP has called Pennsylvania for Trump which appears to give him the presidency, but Fox News isn’t ready to call it for Trump at this hour.
  • The Trump-Pence team is bracing for impact — cautiously preparing for the increasingly real possibility that they have done the impossible and will have the enormous responsibility of governing come January.
  • The media and markets are reeling — in total shock over what appears to be developing when they never saw it coming.
  • We’re still praying Hillary can and will be stopped from every taking office.
  • We’re still praying we can actually get pro-life Supreme Court Justices, and repealing Obamacare, and so many other positive policies.
  • We’re cautiously optimistic. But we’re still “bracing for impact” as our new day begins here. May the Lord have mercy on us all.
  • >> Here’s an additional interview I did yesterday on CBN News on Evangelicals and the elections.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8: Soon, we will know who the next President of the United States will be.

Yet as that moment approaches, I keep thinking of the takeaway line from the recent film, “Sully.” The last words the captain of that Airbus A320 told his passengers as the plane’s engines failed and they headed for a crash landing on the Hudson River were as chilling as they were sobering.

Brace for impact.

Like that plane, America is rapidly losing altitude. We need a captain who can steer us to safety. As you know, I have serious reservations about Mr. Trump. But I shudder to imagine Hillary Clinton at the controls.

Today, here in Israel, I did a live interview on Facebook with a reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network discussing this very topic — brace for impactin more depth. It runs about 17 minutes. Please click here to watch.

In the meantime, let us keep praying without ceasing that the Lord may have mercy on America at such a dangerous and decisive moment.


UPDATE ON MY LAST COLUMN:  On Thursday, I wrote a column on this blog explaining why I changed my position from #NeverTrump to voting for the Trump-Pence ticket. I expected a range of reactions — from anger to disappointment to agreement — and got these and many more.

What I didn’t expect was the magnitude of the interest.

On a typical day, my blog receives between 3,000 and 6,000 views. Before this particular column, the most views my blog had ever received in a single day was just over 83,000.

But over the last few days, this column on my reluctant conversion away from the #NeverTrump camp went viral. On Thursday, it was viewed by 104,449 people. On Friday, it was viewed by 433,629 people. As of this hour, the column has been viewed more than 1.25 million times.

One of the folks who read it was nationally syndicated columnist Cal Thomas. He then quoted it in his latest column on why he, too, switched from being #NeverTrump to voting for the Trump-Pence ticket. It’s an excellent article and I hope you’ll take a moment read it and share it with others.

I don’t share this update with you to pat myself on the back in anyway. Quite the contrary, it was enormously difficult for me to change my position, and then go public with that change. But I think the enormous interest my article received was evidence, perhaps, that there were an enormous number of Americans similarly struggling with competing convictions and wrestling with how to reconcile them in such dark and difficult times.

To everyone who read the article, and commented, and shared it with others, let me just say thanks. I hope it was helpful and thought-provoking, regardless of how you ended up voting.


[This column is based on my personal beliefs and opinions. I share them in my personal capacity as an American citizen and an author. They do not reflect the views of The Joshua Fund, which is a non-profit organization and takes no political or legislative positions.]



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