I officially started writing a new political thriller today after months of research. Here’s a quick update.


(Central Israel) — As the new year begins, I’m deeply grateful to be back home in Israel and officially underway with writing a new political thriller.

This is a totally new story with new characters (Russians, not Radical Muslims) and a new locale (Moscow, not the Middle East).

As I get deeper into the project, I’ll give you more details and keep you posted on my progress. For now, let me just say that over the past few months I’ve been doing a great deal of research, and I’m deeply grateful for a series of fascinating conversations with a wide range of leaders and experts on Russia whose insights have been invaluable.

Among them:

  • Stephen Harper, former Prime Minister of Canada, one of our great NATO allies
  • James Woolsey, former CIA Director who served during the administration of President Bill Clinton
  • Porter Goss, former CIA Director who served during the administration of President George W. Bush
  • Lt.-General (ret.) Jerry Boykin, former Delta Force commander
  • Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief of FORBES magazine
  • Andrei Illarionov, former chief economic advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin (2000 to 2005)

Meanwhile, of course, Without Warning will release on March 14th. This is my third and final thriller about the Islamic State, chemical weapons, a New York Times foreign correspondent, a Mossad agent, the Syrian civil war, and a series of catastrophic attacks on the U.S., Israel and Jordan.

We’re working on the details of the book tour right now and I’ll share more details soon.



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