Today Show host urges viewers to preorder #WithoutWarning, my forthcoming thriller about ISIS striking inside the US, but warns, “pray to God this never happens.”

today-withoutwarning-feb2017After a fascinating week in Washington, I just got back to Israel and got the fun news that TODAY Show host Kathie Lee Gifford has finished reading an advance copy of my new novel, WITHOUT WARNING, and loved it.

In a segment she did this week with her co-host, Hoda Kotb, called “Favorite Things,” Kathie urged viewers to pre-order the thriller before its March 14th release date. Thanks so much, Kathie — I’m so grateful!

“All right, it’s time to share our favorite things,” Kathie told her audience. “This is actually for Hoda — signed by the author. This is called, WITHOUT WARNING — a J.B. Collins novel by Joel C. Rosenberg. I’ve told you all about his books. This is the end of the trilogy. It is so ripped from the headlines today about the Middle East. You pray to God this never happens. But it’s available for pre-order at Amazon — $17.70 — at He is a riveting writer!”

To watch the full segment, please click here.



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