Exclusive Poll: Are we winning or losing the war with ISIS? Do Americans fear attacks inside the homeland? Are we at war with all of Islam, or just the forces of “radical Islam”? Here are the full results, plus my new column for Fox News.


(New York City) — Do Americans believe we are winning or losing the war against the Islamic State? Do they believe ISIS will launch terror attacks inside the homeland? Do they believe ISIS might even try to use weapons of mass destruction? And do they believe we are at war with the religion of Islam, or just a subset of extremists that could be best described as the forces of “radical Islam”?

These are the very questions and themes I explore in my new thriller, Without Warning, just released this week. But as we prepared for the book launch, I asked my publisher if we could commission an exclusive national survey to better understand how Americans view the actual war against the Islamic State.

Tyndale House readily agreed, so we turned to McLaughlin & Associates, a respected U.S. polling firm who clients have included U.S. Senators and Congressmen, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Trump campaign.

The results we found were sobering — Americans believe we’re losing to ISIS.

UPDATE: Two federal judges in the last 24 hours have shot down the President’s Executive Order temporarily restricting travelers wanting to enter the U.S. from six countries with a history of terrorism. This is not a Muslim ban. The order simply creates a delay until U.S. federal agencies can review and improve vetting procedures to make sure we’re not allowing terrorists to enter America. Given the very real terrorist threat that ISIS and other militant Islamist states and groups pose to the U.S., the President’s actions are sound and warranted. The first so called “travel ban” order was seriously flawed. I called for it to be withdrawn, and I’m glad it was. The second Executive Order was much better and certainly Constitutional. The leftist judicial attempt to prevent the Commander-in-Chief from protecting the American people is outrageous and a dangerous overreach of judicial power.

Here are some excerpts from my Fox News column:

  • President Donald Trump has made the defeat of the Islamic State one of his administration’s top priorities – and rightly so.
  • He has asked the Pentagon for a comprehensive new war plan. On March 22-23, his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, will host foreign ministers from 68 countries to discuss how to significantly improve our combined efforts to crush ISIS once and for all. In April, Mr. Trump and Vice President Pence will reportedly host a summit for Sunni Arab leaders towards the same end.
  • It is useful, therefore, to consider the question: at present, are we winning or losing the war against the Islamic State?….
  • Only one-in-three Americans believe “the U.S. and our allies are winning the war against the Islamic State and getting safer every day.”
  • A remarkable 41 percent believe “the U.S. and our allies are losing the war against the Islamic State and the threat to our safety is growing.”
  • Fully one-in-four say they had no idea if we’re winning or not.
  • We also found that almost seven-in-ten Americans (68%) said they “fear catastrophic terrorist attacks by ISIS are coming to the U.S. homeland, possibly involving chemical or biological weapons.”….
  • President Trump is absolutely right to ask his advisors to design and execute a war plan that will achieve victory, and significantly improve homeland security policies to keep the American people safe from attack. ISIS is coming. God forbid we let ourselves be blindsided.