Syria is a showdown between Trump and Putin over who is the dominant power in the Mideast. [Interview with CBN News.]

CBN-Syriainterview-Apr2017(Washington, D.C.) — Yesterday was the last full day of my five-week book tour. I must say it was sobering to finish by discussing Syrian sarin gas attacks and an American President’s response to such attacks, given how central these issues are to the trilogy.

The pictures were sickening, as was the casualty count. “Eighty-six people including at least 27 children died in Khan Sheikhun in an attack the United States has blamed on Syrian President Bashar Assad,” reports a French news network, noting that the U.S. is publicly signaling more attacks could be necessary.

I was interviewed on Fox News and CBN News about the President’s decision to order airstrikes against Syria, particularly noteworthy given that President Obama never ordered a military response in Syria in six years despite repeated chemical weapons attacks against civilians. As soon as we get the video from Fox, I’ll post it.

Here is the online story that CBN News posted — I hope you’ll also take a moment to read it and watch the expanded video clip (which lasts 4:36 minutes) as I explain why it was so important for President Trump to do what he did.

Let me just add that President Trump urgently needs to determine and then explain  American national security interests in Syria, his goals for protecting U.S. interests, and then work closely with his national security advisors to develop a realistic game plan. American must not be lured into trying to fix a horrific civil war. Syria is imploding. Washington can’t stop that. But the U.S. also must not allow terror states to use weapons of mass destruction with impunity, nor let the Russians and Iranians set up a new terror base camp on Israel’s northeastern borders.

Please keep praying for the suffering Syrian people and for Syrian pastors and ministry leaders operating amidst such hellish conditions. Please pray, too, for the protection of U.S. forces in the Mideast — as well as for protection of all Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians — from possible Syrian escalation. Pray, too, for American and regional leaders to have wisdom to know how best to proceed in a very difficult, very complicated environment.


Author and Middle East expert Joel Rosenberg says Syrian President Assad’s chemical weapons attack against his own people and President Trump’s response is a test between the new U.S. president and Russia’s leader.

Rosenberg told CBN News, “It’s not just about Syria. This is a test between the United States and Russia over who is the dominant power, the guiding power in the Middle East today.”

The author of the new political thriller, “Without Warning” says President Trump’s response was the correct course of action.

“These are war crimes and the president had to move. He has to reassert American leadership. We are the only superpower on the planet and we have not acted like that in the last eight years—we have almost no credibility in the Middle East and that’s why Russia, Iran, Assad, ISIS all feel like they can act with impunity.”

Rosenberg said Vladimir Putin did not keep his word and was not serious when he assured President Obama that he would get Syrian President Assad to remove all his chemical weapons stockpile from the country.

“That was a complete lie,” Rosenberg insists.

The best-selling author says President Trump’s retaliatory military strike sends a message not just to Assad, but to Vladimir Putin.

“…We are the world’s superpower and there is a new sheriff in town. I think there is a sense among Israeli leaders and among Sunni Arab leaders that the tide is turning, that the United States is back.”


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