BREAKING: Gunman opens fire on Members of Congress, hits House Majority Whip. Five wounded, plus the assailant. Here’s the latest.

Shooting-Congressman-June2017(Washington, D.C.) — Here’s what we know so far:

  • Five people wounded, reports the NYT and CNN
  • House Majority Whip Scalise was hit — airlifted to G.W. Hospital in D.C. and now in stable condition.
  • Two Capitol Police officers reportedly shot.
  • The gunman was also shot in return fire and is in custody.
  • Reports of at least 60 shots fired.
  • Security being tightened around White House and the Capitol.
  • VP Pence cancelled a morning speech and was rushed back to the White House.
  • Investigation underway.
  • Please pray for Rep. Scalise and the others hit.
  • Let’s be grateful for the Capitol Police who saved many lives by their quick and professional response.

“House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was among at least two people shot Wednesday morning during a GOP baseball practice at an Alexandria, Virginia, ball field,” reports NBC News. “He was in stable condition, said two different senior-level GOP aides. One source said the Republican lawmaker was wounded in the hip area. ”

“Two sources said at least one Capitol Police officer was also shot,” noted the NBC report. “Police confirmed in tweets that it was investigating reports of a ‘multiple shooting’ and that the suspect was ‘in custody’ and ‘not a threat.’ The victims were being rushed to the hospital.”

Politico reports: “Katie Filous, a 29-year-old resident of Alexandria’s Old Town section, said she had just gotten out of her car to take her four dogs to the park when someone on the ballfield screamed, ‘Everybody get down! Someone has a rifle!’ She said a woman who looked like a security guard or a Secret Service member pulled out a handgun and shot at the man.”

Developing….I’ll post more as additional facts become known. For the latest, please follow me on Twitter.


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