Visiting with the Vice President — and introducing him to one of our sons.


(Washington, D.C.) — It was a very special day at the White House.

Noah turns 13 on Thursday and part of his present was getting to join Lynn and me in a meeting today with Vice President Mike Pence in his West Wing office.


This was Noah’s first time ever to visit the White House, and certainly his first time meeting a Vice President, and it was pretty cool. Noah got the VP’s autograph and actually got to sit at his desk.



Noah also met Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Principal Deputy Press Secretary, who gave him a tour of the White House Press Briefing Room and let him stand behind the podium. It was fun to give her a copy of my latest novel.

One of Pence’s aides also gave us a tour of the VP’s ceremonial office in the Old Executive Office Building — and if that weren’t enough, Noah got some White House brand Hershey’s chocolates, too.


The Lord has opened some remarkable years for us over the years. We don’t deserve these opportunities, and we’re humbled by them. But what an extra special blessing to be able to share them with our children.


Lynn and I are very grateful for our friendship with the Pences. We’ve known them since Mike was in Congress and they are a real class act — humble, down to earth, and truly Midwestern nice. The VP was particularly kind to welcome Noah and us like this amidst a crazy busy summer and it was an unexpected blessing to be able to catch up with him.

We count it an honor to be able to pray for the Pences, and for the President and the First Family and their staffs, and we hope you’re praying faithfully for them, too.


P.S. — Here’s a photo we took with Mike and Karen a few years ago when he was the Governor of Indiana leading a trade delegation to Israel and we spent such a fun evening with them  in Jerusalem. Honestly, they haven’t changed a bit. Just as warm and kind today as they’ve ever been.


(Four of these are Official White House Photos by Joyce N. Boghosian. The rest were taken by Lynn and me.)

[Official Required Disclaimer: These (four) photographs are provided by THE WHITE HOUSE as a courtesy and may be printed by the subject(s) in the photograph for personal use only. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not otherwise be reproduced, disseminated or broadcast, without the written permission of the White House Photo Office. This photograph may not be used in any commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.]

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