The first review of “The Kremlin Conspiracy,” has just been published. “Rosenberg cranks up the suspense, delivering his most stunning, high-stakes thriller yet.” [Novel set for March 6th release.]


(Jerusalem, Israel) — The first review of my forthcoming political thriller was published this week on the website known as, “The Real Book Spy,” which covers all things related to spy novels and political thrillers. And I’m glad to say they liked it.

The Kremlin Conspiracy is the first of my new series of novels about former U.S. Secret Service Agent Marcus Ryker. It releases in North America on March 6th. I’ll be posting details on the launch and book tour soon.

(And I’m happy to note that this week I began writing the next novel in this series.) 

Here are excerpts from editor Ryan Steck’s featured review:

Rosenberg cranks up the suspense, delivering his most stunning, high-stakes thriller yet.

Aspiring authors should take note of Rosenberg’s deftly plotted story and first-rate character development — he puts on a clinic for how to introduce and bring along new characters. Some readers, especially early on, may find the plot moving a tad slower than his past books, but that’s clearly by design. Rosenberg meticulously builds the necessary foundation for later on, and, when you least expect it, he yanks the rug out from underneath you.

This is Joel C. Rosenberg at his absolute best, proving yet again that he’s one of the premier novelists working in the genre today.

With his knack for writing prophetic fiction, those who want an early glimpse at what the world might look like in the very near future should pick up Joel Rosenberg’s latest thriller….Strap in and hold on tight, The Kremlin Conspiracy is a high-octane thriller that will stun readers and stay with them long after they turn the final page. 

[To read the full review,  including a concise description of the main characters and plot, please click here]


> To pre-order a copy of The Kremlin Conspiracy (which releases March 6th), please click here.

> To order copies of the new mass market paperbacks of the J.B. Collins novels — my trilogy about ISIS plotting attacks on the U.S., Israel, Jordan and Egypt — please click here.


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