“Five minutes with author Joel C. Rosenberg.” The Blaze asks 8 questions about my forthcoming novel, how I got started writing, my faith, and more. Here’s the full interview.


(Jerusalem, Israel) — During this holiday season, it was great to do an interview with “The Blaze.” Here are the eight questions they asked me. My answer for the last one is included below. To read the full interview, please click here

  1. When did you first realize that you were interested in writing?
  2. Which of your books have you most enjoyed writing?
  3. You’ve said that your books focus on worst case scenarios that could happen in the near future, but hopefully won’t. Does it ever get stressful thinking up so many possible cataclysmic world events?
  4. You’ve frequently praised Jordan’s King Abdullah II. How important do you think Abdullah is to Mideast stability?
  5. You’ve spoken before about how when you first converted to Christianity, many people questioned how you could be both Jewish and Christian. You also mentioned how few Jewish Christians there were back just a few decades ago. In the years since your conversion, how has this changed? Is there a stronger network for Jewish Christians today?
  6. You’ve stressed that Christians need to not only pray for Israel, but for the Palestinians as well. Could you elaborate on that? 
  7. How significant do you think it is that the U.S. has moved its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem?
  8. What’s one thing that you wish people knew about you?
  9. Are you able to give any hints about what to expect in your upcoming book? 

Rosenberg: Happy to. I can’t wait for this next one to be released. It’s called, The Persian Gamble, and it comes out March 12. My hero is a man named Marcus Ryker. He’s a decorated former U.S. Marine, and decorated former Secret Service agent who served on the Presidential Protective Detail. This is a man who has taken enormous risks to protect his country and her leaders, and now he is on the most dangerous mission of his life. The Iranians are secretly working with Russia and North Korea to buy fully operational nuclear warheads. They intend to use these warheads soon in attacks against the U.S. and Israel that will make 9/11 pale by comparison. But through a series of events, Ryker uncovers Tehran’s plot — their huge, high-risk gamble — and now he’s in their blind spot. The Iranians don’t see Ryker coming, and that’s when things really get exciting.




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