Help us strengthen the Church in the Mideast! Would you make a generous year-end investment in The Joshua Fund? Here are some of the ways your support in 2018 helped equip the Church to care for the poor and proclaim the Good News of God’s love in Israel & the Arab world. Thank you & God bless you!


>> Watch a short video regarding The Joshua Fund’s 2018 Donor Impact Report 

(Jerusalem, Israel) — My wife, Lynn, and I founded The Joshua Fund in the summer of 2006, to strengthen the Church in the Middle East to be a blessing to those poor in resources and poor in spirit. And this is one of the deepest joys of our lives.

We think of The Joshua Fund (TJF) like a venture capital fund. TJF comes alongside small but growing and promising congregations and ministries in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and five neighboring Arab countries (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt) and invests in them – with encouragement, with prayer, and, when appropriate, with financial resources – allowing them to plant more seeds and bear more fruit.

God has blessed TJF with a wonderful board of directors and staff — but it’s your faithful prayers and generous financial support that truly allows us to invest in God’s Kingdom work to make an eternal impact. Thank you so much for all your help. 

Whether you’re a regular donor, or someone just learning about The Joshua Fund, keep reading below and you’ll learn of some of the projects we have invested in during 2018. To learn even more, please read the full 2018 Donor Impact Report.

And please prayerfully consider making a generous, tax-deductible, year-end investment in this special ministry.


Here are just some of the ways your prayers and financial support are making an impact in the lives of people in the Epicenter…..

Making An Impact Through  Relief
• Provided non-perishable food packs monthly to an average of 2,000 needy families through 16 Distribution Centers operated by local congregations and ministries
• Hosted an Outreach Day with 6 Distribution Centers where TJF Tour participants served hundreds of families
• Gave support and counseling to single mothers with newborn babies and needy Israeli women
• Facilitated legal support for believers who are discriminated against, denied citizenship or persecuted because of their faith
• Enabled local congregations to stand with believers who are in dire financial need
• Funded medical costs for life-changing surgeries by Israeli doctors of children from neighboring countries
• Conducted outreaches during Jewish holidays including Passover, distributing food and gifts
• Supported a Mother’s Day evangelistic event for Arab women in the Galilee region
• Helped local churches offer spiritual care via Bible studies, discipleship and physical care for refugees living in Lebanon
• Partnered with those giving humanitarian relief, trauma counseling and medical aid to Iraqi, Arab, Nubian and Yazidi communities
• Hosted women’s conferences, discipleship programs, Bible teaching and fellowship for women marginalized by violence in the Epicenter

Making An Impact Through Relationships
• Supported trusted Christian ministry workers throughout the Epicenter, including Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Syria
• Distributed Hebrew, Arabic and Russian language audio Bibles, plus hundreds of print Bibles via trusted ministry partners 
• Hosted retreats and trainings that provided Bible study and encouragement for Jewish/ Arab pastors and ministry leaders, young people and underprivileged segments of the body of believers
• Undergirded the production and staff support for key Hebrew and Arabic evangelistic videos
• Hosted a pastor’s conference, giving training for evangelistic work among both Jews and Arabs
• Sent Arabic language Bible teaching radio broadcasts into the West Bank
• Conducted outreach amongst Arab cities and the West Bank
• Support for student ministry workers at Bible college
• Supported ministry of a special women’s outreach
• Funded evangelistic retreats for IDF soldiers
• Sponsored evangelistic trips for new immigrants from Ukraine to Biblical sites

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