US, Israeli & Arab leaders agree in Warsaw: We must counter Iran threat together. Intel report finds Iran could get nuclear weapon in two years. Also, U.S. Mideast peace plan to be rolled out after Israeli elections in April.


(Jerusalem, Israel) — This week, the U.S. convened a summit in the Polish capital of Warsaw that was important, and possibly historic, for three reasons:

  1. First, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Arab Foreign Ministers met together, sat together, ate together, worked together, and even did a photo-op together.
  2. Second, leaders from at least 60 countries — including Israel and the Arabs — agreed Iran is the number one threat and the best way to counter Iran is to work more closely together.
  3. Third, the U.S. indicated it will finally unveil its blueprint for a final, comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian peace plan after the Israeli elections in April.

As I’ve been reporting for several years now, intelligence and security cooperation — particularly against Iran — has been underway between Israel and her Sunni Arab neighbors for quite some time, but almost all of it has been purposefully kept hidden.

This week, it came out into the sunlight.

“The winds of change [are being] felt across the Middle East,” Vice President Pence said in his address to the summit, noting numerous examples.

I’ll be discussing these issues more as I release my new thriller, The Persian Gamble, on March 12th.

For now, though, I’d encourage you to read carefully through the following articles, or at the very least, browse these extraordinary headlines:



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