Tensions mount as Iran seizes oil tankers & U.S. deploys more troops to Middle East. Here’s the latest, and my interview with CBN News.


Tensions with the Iranian regime continue to heat up, and at the moment a U.S. military confrontation with Tehran seems increasingly likely.

On June 23rd, I asked, “Do the mullahs and ayatollahs in Iran want a war with the U.S.? Or do they believe the current American President is likely to follow the way of most  presidents for the last several decades and back down in the face of Iranian aggression? I wish the mounting tensions were nothing more than the fiction of my latest thriller, The Persian Gamble. But the situation in real-life is actually becoming very serious.”

At the time, I provided a detailed list of Iranian provocations and American responses. Much has happened since then. Here are the latest headlines:

What exactly is Iran trying to accomplish? I discussed this last Thursday in Washington with CBN News. Click here to watch the video, which runs almost five minutes. (I also discussed my speech at the State Department’s conference on advancing religious freedom. To read the full text of the speech, please click here.)

Also, please note that on August 15th, I’ll speaking in Denver on the topic, “Forty Years After The Revolution In Iran: What Does The Future Hold For Iran, Israel & The Arab World?” Please register today and be sure to join us. 

Meanwhile, please pray for calm and stability in the Gulf region. No one wants another war in the Middle East, if it can be avoided.