How should Trump and the Saudis respond to Iran’s “act of war”? And how serious are they about restoring deterrence? I discussed all this with i24 TV News. Here’s the interview.


(Washington, DC) — Just before I left for Washington, I did a live interview with i24 TV News from Jerusalem on the escalating tensions in the Gulf and what may come next.

Among the questions that anchors Nurit Ben and Calev Ben-David asked me:

  • With Secretary Pompeo calling Iran’s attack on Saudi oil facilities an “act of war,” how closely aligned do you think the White House’s views are with the Saudis’ views?
  • With President Trump facing elections in 2020, isn’t he going to be reluctant to start a new war in the Middle East — and can’t the Saudis simply defend themselves without US help?
  • How can the US and the Saudis restore deterrence against Iran? Is there any way other than military action to achieve deterrence? Aren’t leaders in the region growing concerned that President Trump might not have their back if a real war erupts?
  • Shouldn’t the Saudis turn to Israel to buy for missile defense systems to protect their Kingdom? Yet, wouldn’t that require peace between Riyadh and Jerusalem? Are the Saudis trending towards real peace and cooperation with Israel?

Important questions all.

Click here to watch my answers — the interview runs a bit over 6 minutes.



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