As 2020 begins, I’m using a great new app to read through the entire Bible — the #1 best-selling book of all time — and I’m encouraging you to do the same. Here’s how.


(Jerusalem, Israel) — Whether you’re opening the Bible for the first time in your life, or have read it cover to cover numerous times, I hope you’ll join me in using a wonderful (and free) app called “Read Scripture.” 

I’m not associated with the team that developed it, nor do I receive any remuneration for mentioning it. It’s just a very well done app and after my pastor and wife recommended it I’m excited to use it this year.


Beginning with Genesis chapter one, the app provides a daily plan of a few chapters of Scripture to read. Follow the plan and you’ll get through the whole thing in 365 days.

What I really like is that the app also provides a series of short but wonderfully creative and remarkably clear and helpful videos that provide context to what we’re reading.

Yes, the Bible can, for many, feel complicated and confusing at times. But the videos, developed by world class Bible teachers, help us see and keep track of the overarching story that God in His loving kindness is trying to communicate to us.

Shouldn’t 2020 be a year of seeing God, ourselves and the world more clearly than ever before? Come, let’s read through the entire Bible together.



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