BREAKING: Will Israeli elections lead to another deadlock? Here are initial results.

Israel-Vote-March2020(Washington, D.C.) — Israelis love to tell our critics that we’re the only real democracy in the Middle East. Apparently, we love elections so much that we’ve had three rounds in the last twelve months. 

Some have expected voter apathy to set in, but just the opposite has been true.

  • Voter turnout this time: 71%
  • Turnout last September: 69.83%
  • Turnout last April: 68.46%

One thing that’s clear: Netanyahu had a big night. Likud gained 4 seats from last time.

What’s not clear is whether Netanyahu can form a government. The right-wing bloc seem to have won a combined total of only 59 seats, two short of what they need.

Final results won’t be in until next Monday. A shift of even a single seat in each direction could be huge.

Fox News has asked me to write a column analyzing yesterday’s vote and what the initial results might mean. I’ll post that once they edit and publish it.

In the meantime, please keep praying for the Lord to give Israel the government we need given all the threats (and opportunities) facing us. Thanks.