It’s Launch Day — and a former CIA Director says, “The Jerusalem Assassin is Rosenberg’s best thriller yet!” Get yours today and please let me know what you think. (Also, here’s a book tour update.


(Virginia Beach, D.C.) — The Jerusalem Assassin is finally available in hardcover, e-book and audio formats. Please order your copy today online or go to your favorite bookstore!

Also, I’m thrilled to share with you this new endorsement:

“THE JERUSALEM ASSASSIN is Rosenberg’s best thriller yet! Once I started, I couldn’t quit. The way he weaves together highly creative fiction with underlying facts and faith produces dramatic credibility and a rapid pace. The story really gallops across today’s Mideast landscape to stunning finish. A standout winner!” — Porter Goss, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

When I first started writing political thrillers nearly twenty years ago, I never would have imagined a former CIA director reading — much less endorsing — my work. I’m deeply grateful to Porter and hope you enjoy the new book as much as he did.

BOOK TOUR UPDATE: I’m at the CBN News headquarters here in Virginia Beach to appear on a number of programs, including “The 700 Club.” At this point, I’m still planning to speak in Ft. Myers, Florida on Wednesday night, which will be webcast and broadcast on statewide Florida television. Some events on the tour have been postponed due to the coronavirus crisis. Other events are being changed into other webcasts. I’ll also be doing radio, TV, print and online interviews. For all the latest updates, please follow me on Twitter. Thanks, and please stay healthy and safe!


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