Are the Saudis getting ready to make peace with Israel? Here’s what I’m telling reporters as they interview me about #TheJerusalemAssassin.


(West Palm Beach, Florida) — As you might have guessed, the book tour has unraveled. I was supposed to speak in Florida tonight and tomorrow but all events have, of course, been canceled.

That said, I’m doing TV and radio interviews about The Jerusalem Assassin, as well as about the coronavirus pandemic and its implications for the US, Israel and the Mideast.

A central theme of the novel: Are the leaders of Saudi Arabia getting ready to make peace with Israel, and if so, what might that peace process look like, and what new dangers might that set into motion?

Here are links to a few of the interviews. I hope you’ll take a look to get my answers. Then, as you read the book, please post your reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoodReads, other book sites and all social media. Would love to hear your thoughts — and please keep spreading the word about the book. Thanks so much, and I pray that you and your family stay healthy and safe.





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