How do thriller writers predict future headlines (or try to)? I have no idea how others do it. But I spoke to the editor of @TheRealBookSpy about my process — and he wrote the most interesting profile of any done on me in 20 years. Here it is.


(Jerusalem, Israel) — The most important journalist covering the world of spy novels and thrillers is a fascinating guy in Michigan named Ryan Steck. His site, “The Real Book Spy,” is must-reading for anyone who’s anyone in the thriller-verse. 

So, I was more than happy to do an hour-long interview with Ryan — not just to discuss about The Jerusalem Assassin, which we talked about at length at the end of the interview, but about how I got into writing fiction in the first place, why I do it, what world leaders are reading them, and how I write political thrillers that seem (sometimes) to predict the future. (spoiler: not easy)

I could post the first few paragraphs of the article so you get the feel for it. But as President George H.W. Bush used to say, “Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent. Certainly not at this juncture.” (Thank you, Dana Carvey.)

Let me just give you the link to the whole thing and encourage you to read it all, from beginning to end. Honestly, this was, by far, the most fair, thorough and creative profile ever done on me. And I’ve been in the business for almost 20 years.

Thank you, Ryan — rock on, brother! May you and your family be healthy and safe. 




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