BREAKING: Netanyahu and Gantz just signed deal forming emergency unity government. Here’s what we know so far.


(Jerusalem, Israel) — Most Israelis thought it wasn’t going to happen. 

Three elections. Millions of dollars in campaign ads and statements trashing each others. Marathon negotiating sessions. Ultimatums. Threats.

And yet, just minutes ago, Netanyahu and Gantz signed a deal creating a national emergency unity government.

Netanyahu “will remain Prime Minister for another 18 months and then be replaced by Blue & White leader Benny Gantz, who will serve as vice prime minister in the meantime,” reports The Jerusalem Post. “Netanyahu will be vice prime minister under Gantz after that.”

“The cabinet will include about 30 ministers,” reports Ynet News. “Blue and White will receive 16 ministries, including defense, foreign affairs for half of the term, justice, immigration and absorption, culture and sports, economics and welfare…communications, agriculture, strategic issues, tourism, social equality and diaspora affairs. Likud will receive the foreign affairs portfolio for half of the term, public security, transportation, housing, education, environmental protection, energy, Jerusalem affairs and other less key posts.”

“We prevented fourth elections — we’ll safeguard democracy,” Gantz said, reported the Times of Israel. “We’ll fight the coronavirus and look out for all Israeli citizens. We have a national emergency government.”


(file photo from several weeks ago)