How Can You Help Lebanese Christians Love Their Neighbors After Devastating Explosion? The Joshua Fund has set up an emergency fund to help trusted Lebanese Evangelical ministry allies. A matching grant will double value of your donation.


The Joshua Fund is a ministry that Lynn and I founded in 2006 to educate and mobilize Christians to “bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus.”

Lebanon is one of those neighbors, and the people there are suffering terribly right now in the wake of the horrifying explosion last week.

  • Nearly 200 dead. Some 6,000 wounded.
  • More than 300,000 homeless.
  • Plus an economic meltdown that has caused 80% or more of the value of their currency to vanish.

Many of you have reached out and asked how The Joshua Fund can help. I want to personally thank you for your compassion and kindness.

Of course, the biggest impact you can make is to pray — please intercede on behalf of those whose lives have been uprooted and likely forever changed.

At the same time, I want you to know that we have worked closely with trusted Evangelical Christian ministries in Lebanon for years. We have Arab Evangelical allies on the ground who truly understand what’s happening and know where new resources can be effective. We are hearing directly from these partners that the explosion on August 4th, has “intensified and multiplied the needs of the people, especially in Beirut.”

True, we can’t bring in tens of millions of dollars of aid like world governments and the U.N. But we believe that it is important for followers of Jesus Christ to show up in an unprecedented way and respond to this crisis in Lebanon.

So, The Joshua Fund quickly set up a Lebanon Emergency Response Fund to invest $200,000 into Evangelical ministries there to be a blessing and bring hope and God’s love.

Almost immediately, one gracious donor has provided $100,000 matching grant towards this effort. Will you help us now by giving today towards the additional $100,000?

Because of this generous matching grant, your gift’s impact will be instantly doubled – if you give $50, your donation will be matched and we’ve receive $100; if  you give $1,000, we will receive $2,000 towards caring for those in Beirut.

This fund will enable The Joshua Fund to underwrite critical resources by providing food, hygiene items, life-sustaining essentials, and COVID-19 protection to those who have been displaced — and all through local, trusted believers. 


On behalf of our allies, and the many devastated by this humanitarian crisis, will you respond with a generous gift today?

Thank you in advance for helping us show the love of Christ. Together, we can strengthen the church in the Epicenter and demonstrate God’s love towards our brothers and sisters Lebanon, all in the name of Jesus.

To make a secure, tax deductible donation to The Joshua Fund today, please click here — thanks so much!

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