Announcing “The Beirut Protocol” virtual book tour. My new thriller about Hezbollah — Iran’s most dangerous terror proxy force — and a Third Lebanon War launches next week. Pre-order now!

With the pandemic still raging and Israel’s airports still closed for the time being, I’m not able to travel back to the States for The Beirut Protocol book tour. Crazy!

So, I’ll be doing all of my media interviews and speaking events from my home or from studios here in Jerusalem. To register to participate in any of the events online, please click here.

To track the interviews I’m doing, please follow me on Twitter. I’ll post links to the interviews whenever possible on my Epicenter Team page on Facebook, and on this blog. And please be sure to pre-order a hardcover, e-book or audio copy of The Beirut Protocol for yourself — and for your parents and best friends — ASAP! Thanks so much!

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