Launch Day: “The Beirut Protocol” is finally available in hardcover, ebook & audio. Here’s my interview with The Jerusalem Post about why I wrote it, the real-life prospect of an Israeli-Saudi peace treaty, and the real-life threat of a massive Third Lebanon War.

(Jerusalem, Israel) — The long wait is over. My latest political thriller, The Beirut Protocol, is now out in hardcover in bookstores all over the U.S. and Canada, as well as internationally in ebook and audio formats.

I do hope you’ll order your copy — and copies as gifts for family and friends — today!

Special thanks to The Jerusalem Post for publishing a lengthy interview with me today about why I wrote the book, how I do my research, the prospects for a real Israeli-Saudi peace treaty, and about the very real and rising threat that a Third Lebanon War could breakout — possibly even this year — in real-life, just as it does in the book, raining thousands of Iranian missiles down on Israel every single day. Let’s pray that never really happens.

To read the full interview, please click here.

Meanwhile, here’s what Ryan Steck, editor of The Real Book Spy website, wrote about my new book:

Following the events of The Jerusalem Assassin…Marcus Ryker—a special agent working with the CIA—will face his toughest mission yet in The Beirut Protocol: staying alive behind enemy lines. 

Ambushed on foreign soil, Ryker and his team suddenly find themselves captured and surrounded by danger. Worse yet, should the terrorists who captured him learn his true identity, all bets are off—and he knows they’ll make an example out of him by executing him live on the internet for all to see . . . 

Breaking his previous trend of writing trilogies, something Rosenberg first confirmed during our wide-ranging interview back in March 2020, The Beirut Protocol marks the fourth book (After The Kremlin Conspiracy, the Persian Gamble, and The Jerusalem Assassin) in his popular new franchise. Only Jon Bennett, who served as the protagionist of The Last Jihad series (five books) will have had more screen time than Ryker, whose background and skillset better resembles the traditional thriller mold that we’ve seen from other current literary stars such as Mitch Rapp (Vince Flynn) and Gabriel Allon (Daniel Silva).

Though he wasn’t sure how long Ryker might hang around, Rosenberg did say in March, “I think Marcus Ryker is my favorite character,” and there’s no doubt that fans feel the same way. Marcus has quickly become one of the genre’s premier heroes, and when you combine his physicality with Rosenberg’s uncanny ability to constantly predict future events and beat headlines, it’s easy to see why The Beirut Protocol becomes the first must-read thriller hitting bookstores in 2021….

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