The deal is bad. Very bad. But let’s not panic. Here’s why. (Some thoughts on the Iran deal, Passover & Easter.)

iran-nuclear-graphic(Central Israel) — On Thursday evening, rather than pore over the details of the deal that the P5+1 just struck with Iran regarding its nuclear program, I took one of my sons to a wonderful Passover Seder attended by Jewish and non-Jewish friends in Kfar Shmaryahu, a suburb of Tel Aviv. Tonight, our entire family is looking forward to attending a Seder with Jewish and Arab friends near Netanya.

Please forgive me, therefore, for not writing sooner about the deal.

A few brief observations for now:

So yes, the deal is bad. Very bad. But let’s not panic. After all, is it not curious that the deal was announced on the eve of Passover and Easter?

  • The Biblical story of Passover reminds us that there is a sovereign, holy, all-seeing, all-mighty God who loves Israel, and will protect His people, even knowing our weaknesses, sins and flaws.
  • The Scriptural account of Passover reminds us that God vows to bring judgment on nations who seek to curse and destroy Israel and the Jewish people, and do not repent.
  • Passover also tells us that God will protect anyone and everyone from divine judgment — not just Jews — if they place their faith in the blood of the perfect lamb.
  • What’s more, the Biblical story of Easter — the death and resurrection of Jesus our Messiah, our Passover lamb — teaches us that God loves the whole world, both Jews and Gentiles.
  • The Biblical account of Easter teaches us that God doesn’t want His judgment to fall on anyone. Rather, the Lord God Almighty offers salvation, forgiveness, great hope and eternal life to all who will repent and receive Jesus as Messiah, Savior and Lord.

We certainly need to pray for our leaders and for the peace of Jerusalem at this critical time. We need to pray this deal is changed and cannot put Iran on the legal path to nuclear weapons.

That said, this is not a season to fear our enemies. It is a season to draw close to the Lord, read His Word, and discover (or rediscover) His love for all people.

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