Czar Putin makes his move into Mideast. Amidst vacuum created by Obama, Russian leader making aggressive military moves in Iran, Syria & throughout the epicenter. Just how worried should we be?

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

(Central Israel) — Vladimir Putin, the Czar of Moscow, is making his move.

The Kremlin has long wanted to dominate the Middle East. Since the dawn of the Cold War, U.S. foreign policy was to prevent this from happening. A close look at Putin’s own words show just how dangerous he really is.

As I have been warning for some time, however, President Obama can’t or won’t see the rising danger. His policy of full-scale American retreat, appeasement and surrender in the Middle East has created a political and military vacuum. And Czar Putin is taking full advantage.

Indeed, in recent months — and recent days — the Russian leader has been making very aggressive moves.

Putin is solidifying and intensifying the Russian alliance with Iran. He has fully backed the insane Iran nuclear deal, despite the fact that the country is run by leaders who embrace an apocalyptic form of Islam. What’s more, he’s meeting with Iran’s top terrorist leader (Gen. Soleimani), and selling Iran the Kremlin’s state of the art anti-aircraft missile system (the S-300).

At the same time, Putin is arming the Assad regime and helping the ruthless dictator of Damascus kill Syrians by the tens of thousands and reduce the nation to rubble. He is also sending Russian combat troops, tanks, aircraft and other military materiel to Syria to help Iran prop up Assad and further establish the Russian-Iranian alliance on the north-eastern border of Israel.

If this weren’t enough, Putin’s Russia has just signed a $10 billion deal to help Jordan become a nuclear power. It is also set to help build nuclear facilities in Egypt, as well.

Consider the latest headlines:

An exclusive poll I commissioned in 2014 found that 72% of Americans see Putin as a “clear and present danger” to the U.S. and Israel. He will become even more dangerous if he builds an anti-American, anti-Israeli axis in the Middle East, sells billions of dollars in weapons to our worst enemies, and helps spread nuclear technology in the world’s most volatile region.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sees the threat, and he is concerned. News reports here indicate Netanyahu is heading to Moscow next week for private meetings with Putin concerning Russia’s military entry into Syria and deepening alliance with the apocalyptic mullahs in Iran.

More than ever, we need a President with the wisdom and experience to reassert American leadership in the Middle East and around the world, and prevent Russia and Iran from dominating the region and threatening our allies.



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