Conservative leaders need to call out Ann Coulter on her anti-Semitic remarks. And, it’s not pandering to publicly defend Israel, America’s most trusted ally in the Mideast.

Coulter-TweetUPDATED: After the Republican Debates at the Reagan Library on Wednesday evening, best-selling author Ann Coulter made some vile, anti-Jewish comments on Twitter.

First, she accused several GOP candidates of talking too much about Israel, despite the fact that Israel is one of America’s most faithful and trustworthy allies in the world, as well as our most faithful ally in the Middle East. Then Ann accused these candidates of speaking about Israel merely for the purpose of trying to win the votes of Jews and Evangelical Christians. Then she asked, “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States.” Then, when I and others called her out, Anne argued that she loves Jews and Israel and simply was trying to make a point about GOP “pandering.”

My first two Tweets on the matter:

Ann’s responses:

  1. Joel! I am a huge Israel fan! See my current book. I was attacking GOP for pandering on Israel (AND Reagan AND abortion).
  2. It’s not about Jewish people; it’s about Republican panderers

  3. Anti-PANDERING. Today’s column attacks GOPs for same pandering on Reagan & abortion.

My responses:

  • Fine, , be against pandering. But attacking “f—ing Jews” crosses line. Apologize. Admit you’re wrong.
  • If you’re a “big fan” of Israel , why say “f–ing Jews”? Why attack candidates who stand w/best US ally?
  • You need to make this right, & I want you to. You made it about Jews. But you can fix it.

In the hours following Ann’s comments, the anti-Semites really came out of the woodwork. All kinds of other anti-Semitic comments have been erupting on Twitter. These are not thoughtful, substantive Tweets concerning disagreements with Israeli policies or the merits of strong U.S.-Israeli relations. Rather, all kinds of people are using the occasion of Ann’s “f—ing Jews” comment to launch personal attacks against Jews and Israelis for being “vile” and “greedy” and committing “genocide” and “controlling the media” and all kinds of other evils.

A number of Jewish Americans have rightly criticized Coulter over the last few hours. Conservative and Christian leaders need to do so, as well. Ann is widely regarded as a leading conservative voice and she needs to be challenged by her fellow conservatives. To avoid the topic and say, “Well, that’s just Ann…” is wrong.

Imagine if President Obama or Hillary Clinton took a shot at loyal Jewish Americans by calling them “f—ing Jews”? I presume every conservative leader would be speaking out against such ugly, crude, hateful comments, and rightly so.

Last point for now: Is it really “pandering” and wrong and ridiculous for an American presidential candidate to speak positively about a faithful and trusted and loyal ally, be it Israel or any other country? Since when did it become wrong to publicly stand with American allies who share American values and are on the front lines in the fight with enemies of America? President Obama and his administration keep cutting loose one U.S. friend and ally after another, from Poland to the Czech Republic to Ukraine, to Israel, to Egypt, and beyond. I’m glad to hear men and women who want to be the next Commander-in-Chief publicly and firmly defend American security, American interests, and American allies on principle — Israel included.

Ann, as a Jew and an Evangelical, I’m praying for you to have a change of heart, apologize, and make this right.

Now is the time for Christians and Jews to stand together against common enemies — followers of Radical Islam and followers of Apocalyptic Islam — not to turn against one another. The stakes are too high.



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