North Korea has 60 nuclear warheads. What if Iran takes the $150 billion Obama gave them & buys several? This is the premise of #ThePersianGamble, as I explained on CBN News.


(Virginia Beach, Virginia) — As The Persian Gamble launched nationwide, I had the opportunity to do a series of interviews with CBN News at the headquarters of the Christian Broadcasting Network here in Virginia Beach.

Here is the link to the main interview, on the “700 Club” — the network’s flagship morning show — with Pat Robertson. This one runs about 12 minutes.

Here is the link to the second interview I did with Gordon Robertson. This one runs about 9 minutes. 

In both, I explained that Western intelligence now believes North Korea currently possesses about 60 fully operational nuclear warheads. They also have ICBMs that may be capable of reaching the Pacific coast of the United States. What if Iran were to try to buy some of those warheads, using the $150 billion that President Obama gave them for agreeing to the so-called “Iran nuclear deal” back in 2015? 

In both interviews, I also talk a bit about my recent meetings with President Trump and Vice President Pence regarding Iran, North Korean, Israel and the U.S. I hope you’ll take some time to watch both interviews, and share them with others.





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