Rush Limbaugh endorses #ThePersianGamble on radio show & says, “Joel Rosenberg is one of the greatest thriller novelists in the country.”


(Dallas, Texas) — Greetings from Dallas where I’m on the 2nd city of a 12-city book tour.

Today, I was doing media interviews and other book meetings and unfortunately didn’t get to listen to the Rush Limbaugh Show. But Rush opened the show with a big endorsement of my new novel and I began getting emails and Tweets from friends all across the country.

“Joel Rosenberg was on the original staff of The Limbaugh Letter many, many moons ago. He has now branched out. He’s become one of the greatest thriller mystery novelists in the country, as well as becoming an expert on American Middle Eastern policy, and he’s got a new book out — it’s called The Persian Gamble….If you’ve not read a Joel Rosenberg novel, you really [need to]. Folks, we’re so proud of him here. They’re just excellent. They just top drawer.”

Rush also shares several anecdotes from my recent meeting with President Trump and Vice President Pence in the Oval Office.

Thank you so much, Rush, for your very kind words. So sorry I missed the show today, but I couldn’t be more grateful!

To read the full transcript — or to listen to the segment online — please click here.




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